Even though Linda had so mu景觀設計ch to do, her partner did not show up for work. Now she had even more work! This was the last straw! The full version of this phrase is “the last straw which breaks the camel's back.” Straw in this sentence means something horses eat (similar to hay). Think of a camel pulling a cart of straw and then their master adds one more straw, e-nough to break its back. That being said, the phrase means a small addition which makes the entirety of one's difficulties unbearable. In the example, Linda al-ready had a lot on her plate so her coworker being ab-sent made a lot of work be-come too much work for her.
  ——He帛琉ather Pfeiffer
  儘管琳達工作繁重,然而(更為糟糕的是)她的工作伙伴沒來上班。(這就意味著)她現在有更多的工作要做!這是忍無可忍的最後一擊the last straw!這個短語的完整表達是“the last straw which breaks the camel's back最後添加的一根稻草壓斷駱駝背脊”Straw在這句中的意思是類似馬吃的東西(像是乾草)。想想駱駝正拉著一車稻草,然後它們的飼主添加了最後的一根稻草,足以把它的背脊壓斷。那就是說, 短語表達的是小小的施壓會使某人的困難變得無法負荷。例如,琳達已經有許多事要做了,因而她的同事缺席加重了她的工作量。  (原標題:The小分子褐藻醣膠 Last Straw)
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